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Teak: appearance, advantages and possible uses

Teak is a noble type of wood that is almost indestructible and therefore very durable. The robust tropical wood is stable and moisture-resistant, has an exceptionally impressive grain and is suitable for interiors such as living rooms, kitchen and bathroom as well as for gardens, balconies and terraces. We have compiled for you the most important properties worth knowing, which make the versatile teak wood something special.

Teak is native to Asia, for example in the forests of Burma and India, and is one of the oldest species of wood in the world. To protect the rainforest from illegal exploitation, teak has been grown for more than a hundred years on plantations in Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Pakistan and other tropical regions such as South America and West Africa. Tropical wood from these plantations nowadays receives an eco-label to prove sustainable cultivation.

Our teak comes from sustainably managed plantations in Indonesia and is FLEGT certified (Forest Law Enforcement Governance and Trade).

Due to the long transport routes, the negative environmental balance is often cited by critics. But if you look at the longevity and quality of the products made from tropical wood, these balance the environmental balance again. A piece of furniture made of solid teak wood is extremely stable and adapts to any interior style due to its extraordinary grain and structure. It usually accompanies its buyers for many years and is therefore not subject to the general disposable culture.

Teak: the look

The typical medium to golden brown colour of teak wood gives every room warmth and comfort. In the sunlight there is a golden glow over the wood and the characteristic structure of the wood is perfectly accentuated. It consists of fine, dark brown stripes, accompanied in places by a tongue-shaped flattening that runs through the wood. This somewhat coarser grain is created when the trunk is cut at an angle.

Each tree has a unique grain typical of it. Like human fingerprints, this tree-specific grain exists only once. Each slice, each board cut from a trunk has its own characteristic structure. If these individual parts are processed to a piece of furniture, the design may be the same, but due to the appearance of its wooden surface, each piece is unique at the end.

If you regularly treat the surface of your teak furniture with colourless wax or oil, it will retain its original colour. The grain is underlined. The teak wood gets an additional shimmer and is additionally protected in damp rooms or in the garden. But you will also enjoy your teak furniture for a long time untreated. This tropical wood has a long life, even untreated. Over time, it is covered with a fine, silvery or grey patina.

Teak: the advantages

Teak contains rubber, so the wood feels slightly oily. It is extremely resistant to external influences such as chemicals, but also to insects and fungi. Depending on the age of the tree and where it has grown, the quality of the wood differs in hardness, strength and density.

Similarly robust and weather-resistant as oak wood, teak can be used without hesitation in damp rooms and in the garden. When treated with colourless wax or varnish, it is virtually indestructible and retains its shape even during a rainy summer or in changing climatic conditions. Another advantage of teak wood: it looks solid, but is surprisingly light, so that the pieces of furniture can be moved easily.

Teak: the possible uses

The weatherproof and durable teak wood can be used in every living area, indoors and outdoors. The solid, yet pleasantly light wood looks elegant and elegant in a modern design and adapts to the spirit of the age. But traditional designs also make teak furniture a highlight. A dining table, modern or traditional and built by an expert with love and experience, can become a lifelong companion that brings family and friends together.

Solid teak wood is also perfect for matching table seating, can be processed into cabinets, shelves and washbasins and gives a high-quality crystal mirror an aesthetic frame. It is also suitable for wooden panels, floor coverings, doors and window frames. Outside, it makes its contribution in the form of indestructible garden furniture, as it retains its shape even when exposed to moisture and climate changes.

Not least in boat building, the robust but relatively light teak wood has its firm place, especially for durable and moisture-resistant decks.


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